What Is UBER Lux And How Does It Work?

What is UBER Lux and how does it work? UBER is an incredibly well-known multinational courier, taxi, and technology firm that specializes in serving its customers through its dedicated smartphone app and was founded by CEOs Garret Camp and Travis Kalanik. The company is currently present in around 65 countries and 700 cities around the globe, with over seven billion trips being carried out to this day. UBER has become a popular norm in society and offers an alternative method of transport for people who tend to use Taxis. The advancement of UBER has led to new innovative ideas such as UBER Lux… So what exactly is UBER LUX and how does it work? What Is UBER Lux? UBER Lux is essentially a new option for passengers to choose from when selecting a driver for their journey. An UBER lux call will offer you a highly rated driver and the choice between a variety of different high-end luxurious cars, which as you can imagine, comes with a heftier journey price tag. The process of gaining an UBER lux is essentially the same as normal, you open the app and set up your destination, select the lux option at the bottom … Continue reading What Is UBER Lux And How Does It Work?