What Is EBD In Cars?

Apr 15, 2021

When purchasing a vehicle in the past, you may have been told by the salesperson that the car has EBD, to which you probably replied “wow, that’s amazing”’, where truthfully you had no idea what it was at all. Well, hopefully after reading this blog you will have an understanding of what EBD is, and how it benefits us drivers.

What Is EBD In Cars?

EBD stands for electronic brakeforce distribution. It is essentially a subsystem of the vehicle’s braking system which limits and stabilizes the amount of pressure put on each wheel; and works adjacent with something called ESC – electronic stability control. EBD is essential in preventing collisions in that the system estimates the amount of load put on each wheel, as intense pressure can cause a wheel to buckle, which in turn, can lead to your car coming off the road or flipping. 

How Does EBD Work?

The system is incredibly efficient as the valves on the hydraulics of the brakes are adjusted so that the right amount of pressure is evenly being distributed to each wheel. Many people tend to get ABS (Anti-lock braking system) and EBD mixed up, but they actually work together to ensure safe braking on the road. ABS ensures that the wheels do not lock when heavy braking, and prior to that EBD will essentially limit the amount of pressure being applied. EBD is essentially a subsystem of ABS.

What Does EBD Look Like?

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EBD Image

What Happens If The EBD Fails?

Fortunately, if the EBD fails it does not mean that you won’t be able to brake. You will find that a warning light and ABS sign will most likely appear on your dashboard, signaling that you need to take your vehicle to a garage to be looked at immediately. The only issue with a faulty EBD system is that it increases the chances of your brakes locking; meaning that it can be dangerous to brake as the amount of pressure being applied to each brake will be inaccurate. Make sure to have your vehicle looked at as it is incredibly dangerous to drive with a faulty braking system. 

There are cases where the system may have a glitch and will wrongly show an ABS sign on your dash; make sure to restart your vehicle to clear the fault. If the sign still shows, you will need to take your vehicle to the nearest garage to avoid inevitable danger on the road.