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Roman Roads UK

Roman Roads UK When the Romans invaded Britain thousands of years ago in 43AD, they made vast improvements to society with an impressive focus on transportation and city links, where they built upon the foundations of key roads between cities as a means of linking...

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Will Motorcycles Become Electric?

Will Motorcycles Become Electric? EV’s have been on the rise for a number of years now due to the fact that technology is advancing and the focus on becoming more environmentally friendly is vital. Electric vehicles are more powerful, environmentally friendly, and are...

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Alfa Romeo GTV Launch

It's been many years since we've seen success from the Italian automaker, Alfa Romeo, but after news of a potential GTV launch, auto fans are eagerly waiting for a new release. Alfa Romeo has been steady in recent years with the continued manufacturing of both the...

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Why Are UK Roads So Bad?

Potholes are one of the most frustrating things you come across as a driver in the UK, and they can be found pretty much everywhere you drive! Even in the most developed cities like London and Manchester, you will more than likely come across dangerous roads filled...

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2022 Volkswagen Polo

The Volkswagen Polo is one of the most popular vehicles in the UK due to its affordability and stylish looks. It’s a common vehicle amongst younger and older drivers who are looking for a well-built, stylish, and reliable vehicle for an affordable price tag. The...

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What Is EBD In Cars?

When purchasing a vehicle in the past, you may have been told by the salesperson that the car has EBD, to which you probably replied “wow, that's amazing”’, where truthfully you had no idea what it was at all. Well, hopefully after reading this blog you will have an...

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Public Flying Car

On September 1st, 2020, the Japanese public were lucky to witness the world's first manned flying car. Flying cars have been a concept many have wished for over the years, but a concept many believed wasn’t actually plausible. Little did we know, flying car start-up...

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2022 Golf R Revealed

The Volkswagen Golf R is a vehicle loved by many and hated by very few. It boasts both incredible performance and handling whilst also being technologically advanced in both infotainment features and security. The vehicle has claimed an award for being the most...

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Government Cuts Electric Car Grant

Government Cuts Electric Car Grant From £3000 to £2500 For the past decade, the government has been slowly pushing for UK drivers to swap out their gas-guzzling vehicles for all-electric vehicles, with the hope that they will be completely replaced in the next 10...

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Best Road trips In The UK

Are you an avid motorist who loves exciting scening journeys? Here’s our top five list of the best road trips/passages in the UK.  Cheddar Gorge, Somerset Cheddar Gorge is a beautiful limestone gorge found near the small countryside village of Cheddar in the Mendip...

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On Site Calibration

We calibrate and inspect onsite tools and equipment for over 3,000 customers in the UK. Caltec On-Line provides you with 24 hour access to your latest calibration records.


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Inspection Services

Caltec engineers are fully qualified to carry out statutory LOLER examinations of your workshop lifting equipment. We also offer Portable Appliance Testing.

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Consultancy & Auditing

Caltec Engineering Consultants offer onsite support with Health & Safety Audits, Quality System Implementation, MOT Quality Checks, Aftersales Audits & Mystery Shop Programs.

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