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News and FAQ’s

What’s the point of a mystery shop?

Most mystery shop programmes involve posing as a real customer while assessing the customer service levels provided by a dealership, independent garage or recovery operator. Mystery shops help organisations monitor their processes to make sure that they are maximising...

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What are aftersales audits?

In the automotive industry, aftersales refers to the provision of spare parts, support and service once the initial sale of the vehicle has taken place and it’s squarely aimed at increasing aftersales revenue and customer retention. Successful and compliant aftersales...

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What are MOT audits and quality checks?

 If you run an MOT centre then you are responsible for making sure that your MOT tests meet the standards set out by the DVSA which include putting management systems in place to run your business, check and assess MOT standards using policies and quality checks,...

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What is Quality System implementation?

Caltec, with over 20 years’ experience in the Retail Motor Industry, provides advice and practical help with both the design and implementation of Quality Assurance Sytems such as ISO 9000 which ensures the standard of your quality management systems, PAS 125 which is...

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What is a health and safety audit?

 Basically, a safety audit is a process through which your compliance with health and safety regulations is checked and evaluated to ensure that the highest safety standards are maintained throughout your workplace. The audit should identify risks and risk levels...

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What if I want to see my records?

 Our clients have online access to their visit histories and calibration records 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, completely free of charge. Using a secure password, Service Managers, Quality Managers, Auditors, Purchasing, Accounts and Operational Staff at different...

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What is ISO 9001?

  To have ISO 9001 certification means that your organisation’s quality management systems (QMS) are up to the international ISO 9001 standard. This standard demonstrates that your organisation consistently provides products or services that are up to...

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What are LOLER/PUWER examinations?

  LOLER and PUWER examinations are sets of health and safety regulations. LOLER, or Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations apply specifically to any lifting equipment. PUWER, or Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations apply to work equipment...

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What is onsite calibration?

  Whatever your equipment might be, from small tools, bodyshop, service department or electrical, to vehicle weighing, in most cases we can visit your site to calibrate it. This way, we can reduce the amount of downtime that normally occurs when equipment needs...

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On Site Calibration

We calibrate and inspect onsite tools and equipment for over 3,000 customers in the UK. Caltec On-Line provides you with 24 hour access to your latest calibration records.


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Inspection Services

Caltec engineers are fully qualified to carry out statutory LOLER examinations of your workshop lifting equipment. We also offer Portable Appliance Testing.

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Consultancy & Auditing

Caltec Engineering Consultants offer onsite support with Health & Safety Audits, Quality System Implementation, MOT Quality Checks, Aftersales Audits & Mystery Shop Programs.

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