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2023 Polestar

The 2023 Polestar 2 has just been revealed and is one hell of a vehicle. The Swedish manufacturer currently has a lot of potential for future growth amid the rapidly growing EV market. The UK’s push for EV only roads has left many drivers considering getting an...

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Is It Illegal To Have No Front Number Plates?

You have to admit, cars look pretty cool without any front number plates on, especially if you own a sports car or supercar. Many drivers who own supercars like Ferrari’s tend to have no front number plate on their car leaving many drivers unsure of the legalities of...

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Colour Changing BMW

In the past few years, there have been some amazing technological breakthroughs in the automotive industry. EVs are on the rise, new in-car technology is being developed, and car safety features are also being improved. In addition to this, one really cool development...

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What Is UBER Lux And How Does It Work?

What is UBER Lux and how does it work? UBER is an incredibly well-known multinational courier, taxi, and technology firm that specializes in serving its customers through its dedicated smartphone app and was founded by CEOs Garret Camp and Travis Kalanik. The company...

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What Are Cars Made Of?

What Are Cars Made Of: Everybody knows the story of the first ever vehicle made. Most of us were told in school about Carl Benz and Henry Ford, who ofcourse you now know are the creators of the highly reputable auto brands Mercedes-Benz and Ford. Whilst it is argued...

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Nissan Will Launch an Electric Successor To The Micra

Nissan Will Launch an Electric Successor To The Micra Nissan is a Japanese multinational automotive manufacturer that offers a wide variety of different vehicles tailored to many different individuals. They have a very wide range of vehicles, including SUVs, Saloons,...

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UK Low-Emission Zones

What is a Low-Emission Zone? A low-emission zone is essentially what it says on the tin… It is a confined area or space of land where vehicle access is prohibited with the aim of improving air quality. Over the past few years, low-emission zones have become...

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What Is Nio?

What is NIO? Nio is a multinational automotive manufacturer based out of Shanghai, China. They have gained recent popularity over the past few years due to the fact that they are being compared to the likes of Tesla. They are thought to be the Chinese version of the...

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Tesla Investigation

Investigation Into Tesla Over Game Features Most people know that Tesla vehicles have some of the coolest features within the whole automotive industry. They are the pioneers of some of the craziest technologies and features that other manufacturers are now adapting...

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On Site Calibration

We calibrate and inspect onsite tools and equipment for over 3,000 customers in the UK. Caltec On-Line provides you with 24 hour access to your latest calibration records.


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Inspection Services

Caltec engineers are fully qualified to carry out statutory LOLER examinations of your workshop lifting equipment. We also offer Portable Appliance Testing.

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Consultancy & Auditing

Caltec Engineering Consultants offer onsite support with Health & Safety Audits, Quality System Implementation, MOT Quality Checks, Aftersales Audits & Mystery Shop Programs.

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