Alfa Romeo GTV Launch

May 27, 2021

It’s been many years since we’ve seen success from the Italian automaker, Alfa Romeo, but after news of a potential GTV launch, auto fans are eagerly waiting for a new release. Alfa Romeo has been steady in recent years with the continued manufacturing of both the Stelvio and Guilia, but it’s felt as though there has been something missing from Alfa’s vehicle portfolio to really catch car enthusiast’s pockets. Get the low-down on the Alfa Romeo GTV in our review below:

Alfa Romeo GTV new launch

Alfa Romeo GTV is a famous model by the Italian manufacturer’s Alfa Romeo. The 2 plus 2 coupe and spider two-seater roadster version of GTV  is an awesome build. GTV stands for Gran Turismo Veloce, which means fast grand touring, and is the successor of the model Alfetta GTV coupe. Although the company manufactured its last GTV model in 2004, now the Alfa Romeo CEO has decided to launch GTV with new technology again.

Why is GTV famous?

Alfa Romeo is one of the famous sports cars of its time. In 2001 it was listed 29 out of hundred in 2001.  The engineer at Pininfarina designed both spider and coupe versions of the GTV.

It has now been planned to re-establish sporty coupe again.  Spider and GTV are based on multi-tank gear suspension. The front and drivetrain suspension has to drag coefficient of 0.33 to 0.38

Design Of Alfa Romeo GTV

The typical Italian design of Alfa Romeo makes it best in appeal. Its grille with dual round headlights, low slung, high kicked up the tail, wedge-shaped with low noise, and attractive red color makes it popular among car lovers. The car’s rear end is fitted with a Kamm tail that is slightly cut off, which gives it improved aerodynamics. Moreover, GtV features a soft folding top with five hoop frames that disappear entirely from a flush-fitting cover which also incorporates an electric folding mechanism.

Further Details

More details about Alfa Romeo GTV include the fog lamp/rear lamp and indicator strip across the rear. Moreover, minor instruments are present in the center console angled towards the seat of the driver. On its launch, journalists commented that the model had improved its overall build and it’s very close to it’s German rivals.

Previous Version

The previous models of the GTV comprised 2.0TS and 2.0 V6 Turbo engines. The first Alfa Romeo model was launched nearly 30 years ago in 1994, where the vehicle became a superhit  The first model had the 2.0 Twin Spark engine, and it was exhibited in the Paris Motor show in 1994. This phase one car had a black plastic grill in the bonnet nose without an edging made with chrome, and the sill was black in color all around.

The fabled sports car was a super hit during its time. Therefore, CEO Phillips decided to launch GTV again with new technology. According to the CEO, he is very much interested in the launch of  Guilia GTA and wants to bring GTV again to European roads. Therefore, the company has designed a new sports coupe SUV GTV again and is expected to showcase it soon in a nearby coming car exhibition event. Alfa Romeo’s CEO expects more sales of this version as around 47000 cars were sold in ten years of production of Alfa Romeo GTV. 

It would be amazing to see some success from the Italian automaker due to the fact that they haven’t been successful over the past decade. Alfa Romeo’s vehicles used to be incredibly sought after but after the continuous growth of its rivals, it’s been incredibly difficult for them to compete with.