Colour Changing BMW

Mar 10, 2022

In the past few years, there have been some amazing technological breakthroughs in the automotive industry. EVs are on the rise, new in-car technology is being developed, and car safety features are also being improved. In addition to this, one really cool development has just recently been announced by BMW…. The German manufacturer has just unveiled a car that changes colour at the touch of a button. 


At the beginning of January 2022, the BMW IX was unveiled at the Consumer electronics show which shocked a lot of attendees who weren’t expecting to see such a masterpiece. The BMW IX uses kindle technology to completely change the colour of the vehicle from white to black at the push of a button. The German car firm said they were ‘bringing the car body to life’ by using the same technology that an Amazon kindle uses, which really shocked us… The IX is covered in a specially developed body wrap that works through activating electronic ink in the wraparound shell.

This technology truly is amazing in that it provides an outlook into the future of car paint. Who knows, the days of struggling to choose the right colour when purchasing a vehicle may no longer be something a driver has to worry about. Of course, this technology is incredibly expensive in comparison to standardised paint, however, who’s to say that this kind of technology won’t be the norm in the near future. 

BMW also stated: “You decide what you want to wear, what your social media status is – and you can decide what your car looks like,” said Stella Clarke, BMW’s project lead on the vehicle. Clarke added that the technology could be used to locate the car by making it flash when the driver is looking for it, or to display the vehicle’s battery capacity externally.”

Color Changing BMW of the Future | iX Flow