Is It Illegal To Have No Front Number Plates?

Mar 24, 2022

You have to admit, cars look pretty cool without any front number plates on, especially if you own a sports car or supercar. Many drivers who own supercars like Ferrari’s tend to have no front number plate on their car leaving many drivers unsure of the legalities of taking off the front number plate, so we decided to answer it in this blog. 

Is it illegal to have no front number plates?

Yes, it is an offense to have no front number plates on your vehicle.

What happens if you are caught with no front number plate?

According to the GOV website, “you could be fined up to £1,000 and your vehicle will fail its MOT test if you drive with incorrectly displayed number plates.” 

What’s the importance of number plates on the road?

The importance of having both number plates on a vehicle cannot be undermined. The main reason as to why they are important in day to day driving life is that it makes the vehicle easily identifiable if a crime were to take place or you were involved in a collision. 

In Hit and Run cases, the driver may collide or hit your vehicle and drive off with you only being able to rely on the manufacturer and model of the car (which you may also not know…). Having number plates not only makes the car identifiable but also improves road safety overall and aids in the collection of road tax. With no number plates, ANPR cameras would not be able to pick up a number plate and therefore the driver of the vehicle if they were to speed. 

What are ANPR cameras? 

Following our point on ANPR cameras above, it’s probably best that we explained what they are if you didn’t know already. ANPR is an acronym for automatic number-plate recognition and is a technology used on UK roads to identify number plates with ease complete with geographical data reporting 24/7. This technology is used by the Police and on the roads to catch speeders and to check records of vehicles.