Ferrari to use Samsung Display

Apr 17, 2023

Ferrari logo

It has recently been reported that Italian supercar manufacturer Ferrari has signed a deal with Korean tech giant Samsung to develop a brand new OLED in-car display for all future Ferrari vehicles.

Samsung Display will develop a bespoke ‘innovative automotive display solution’ based on its current OLED display. The heads of Ferrari and Samsung Display signed a memorandum of understanding in Asan, South Korea, for which no financial information was detailed. There is very little information on what we can expect in the near future however it is thought that accessibility to Android Auto should improve and the OLED system itself be very advanced.

Samsung Display already provides OLED screens to a wide variety of companies, and they also struck a deal with BMW in 2022 to incorporate their OLED displays in vehicles being produced from 2024. 

Ferrari boss, Benedetto Vigna, has made it very clear that Ferrari is entering a new era of electrification, where drivers can expect Ferrari supercars to run cleaner, quieter, and of course with no roaring engines.

Ferrari has already presented four hybrid models and has also promised its first fully-electric car by 2025. It will be interesting to see how a manufacturer like Ferrari, known for its focus on unprecedented gas-guzzling performance, will make its transition into the EV world.