A 30 Year Success Story!

May 31, 2023

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One of the first Quality Management Systems in the UK was BS 5750.  In 1987 it became an International Standard and was named ISO9000.  The 1994 version of the standard placed particular importance on Quality Assurance – using checking and preventative actions throughout the product/service delivery process rather than waiting until the end to do a final inspection.

At the time Peter and Helen Barton Lomas worked for Modulus, a leading Consultancy in the after sales sector of the motor industry.  They had a detailed understanding of how the industry worked, focusing mostly on providing advice and support to the independent sector.  They saw ISO9000 certification as a perfect way to demonstrate commitment to provision of a consistently good service and so encouraged the service and repair sector to pursue certification.

The accuracy and routine Calibration of Measuring and Test equipment is an extremely important requirement of the Standard.  In the early days when ISO9000 was first introduced, the measuring and test equipment used in certified garage and service/repair workshops had to be sent off site to be tested and calibrated in an approved calibration laboratory.

Peter and Helen saw this as a business opportunity.  By networking with others in the industry, with considerable help and support from organisations such as The RMI, SMMT and leading certifying bodies BSI, TUV etc., UKAS (UK Accreditation Services) accepted that the service could be successfully provided on site, by a qualified Engineer, with the appropriate test and measurement equipment, from the back of a van specifically adapted for this purpose.  As a result, everybody benefited.

The whole ethos of the Company was to provide a cost-effective reliable service that put the customer’s needs at its heart – nothing was too much trouble.  This resulted in growth, customer loyalty and repeat business.

Caltec started out in 1993 with 1 Engineer a van and a handful of customers.

The aim was to grow the business incrementally, taking on engineers in response to customer demand and increased geographical coverage.

Then to build the business further by deliberately integrating other services such as Retail Motor Industry Audits and Assessments, MOT Checks, Aftersales Departments Audits etc, which provided for price maintenance and potential growth.

LOLER/PUWER Thorough Examinations and Health & Safety Inspections were added in 2012.

Caltec owes its success to strong leadership, good management, bespoke computer systems, a skilled and reliable workforce and the loyalty of its customers.

30 years on, Caltec employs 16 Engineers and 6 office staff serving 3,000 customers with a £1.7 million turnover and a healthy bank balance.

Peter and Helen are now in a position to spend less time at the office, confident in the knowledge that their business will continue to thrive in the safe hands of Allen, Steven & Fiona as Caltec heads towards an exciting future.