2023 Mercedes-Benz SL43

Sep 28, 2023

The brand-new Mercedes-Benz SL 43 has just been announced and it is absolutely breathtaking. The SL series has long been synonymous with luxury, performance, and cutting-edge technology making the vehicle one of the most sought-after in the market. The ‘43’ variant is the performance variation of the SL including higher levels of performance and style.

Mercedes Benz SL 43

In terms of sheer power, the SL 43 features a powerful V6 inline engine, enhanced by the AMG team to deliver higher performance and torque. This makes the vehicle incredibly fast and fun to drive, whilst having impressive handling. The vehicle is capable of reaching 155 mph with ease and can achieve 0-62mph in a mere 4.9 second

The SL series has always been at the forefront of the luxury vehicle market and is known for its elegant and sporty design. The 2023 variant features a more aerodynamic body with sleeker, yet more aggressive styling cues. Some of our favourite features are the distinctive AMG grille, air intake, and the vehicle’s bold alloy wheels. In terms of the interior, the 2023 SL 43 features a futuristic geometrical design, boasting high-tech displays and beautiful stitchwork. The SL 43 also has the choice of a convertible variant allowing the most exhilarating driving experience.

One of the most interesting things about the new SL 43 is the fact that Mercedes has introduced an electric exhaust gas turbocharger which has come from Formula 1. Mercedes have stated “The system in the SL 43 is a direct derivative of the development successfully used by the Mercedes-AMG Petronas F-1 Team for many years in the premier class of motorsport. The new form of turbocharging guarantees particularly spontaneous throttle response across the entire rev range, thereby offering an even more dynamic driving experience while increasing efficiency at the same time. The turbocharger is operated via a 48-volt electric system, which also feeds the belt-driven starter generator. As a result, the Mercedes Benz Sl43 has an output of 280kW (381) hp and a maximum torque of 480Nm”.

In terms of automotive interior technology, the SL43 features the latest advancements in terms of infotainment and has the same features present in most current luxury vehicles. It features a large touchscreen display with both voice and touch connectivity and allows access to phone calls, music, and your favourite apps with ease. 

Some of the SL 43’s rivals include:

  • BMW 8 Series 
  • Bentley Continental GT Coupe
  • Porsche 911 Cabriolet