Renault To Cut EV Build Time Through The Use Of AI

Nov 18, 2023

Renault is using AI to significantly cut down on the production costs for electric vehicles by half until the year 2027 whilst also strengthening their productiveness among other competitors. This move is taking place due to the increased demand for cheap electric vehicles leading up to 2035. It is projected that this approach will also reduce production expenses for conventional vehicles by 30% over the stated period.

Renault already applies more than three hundred AI tools in its operations for tracking car components and checking quality. Over the next few years, the firm intends to have at least 3,000 AI-based solutions. Interestingly, Renault has also created a corporate metaverse, which essentially uses AI to improve digital operations and data collection which has already saved about 1 billion Euros this year.

Partnership And Market Competitions

Renault intends to take their electric vehicle division, Ampere, public next year. This independent arm will be responsible for designing, engineering, manufacturing, and selling EVs that will hold a brand new Renault name and is expected to be worth around $10.8 billion. Nissan and other partners, such as Mitsubishi, have also confirmed significant investments in this project.

If Renault can cut down its EV-making costs to half, this would be a big milestone, especially when considering that new players from China are already launching cheaper cars in Europe. Luca de Meo – the chief executive at Renault – has promised the market another model in the Renault series, which will be released in the coming year. In addition to this, Renault is bringing back an updated electric Twingo version that would sell for less than 20,000 euros from 2026 onwards, which will help a lot of drivers make the change over to EVs. This is huge for drivers as there have been a lot of questions and uncertainty for most who find electric vehicles unaffordable.

EV Strategy of Renault

The strategy of Renault’s EV already involves vehicles like the Megane E-tech and its E-tech editions for the Kangoo and Master van. Nevertheless, the company has scrapped the Zoe and Twinge E-tech Electric BEV. In the first three quarters of this year, Renault’s sales of its Megane E-Tech comprised almost 54 % of the company’s overall EV sales (64,854 units).. Next year, the company will also unveil new hybrid electric vehicles like the BEV model for the Scenic and the long-awaited Renault 5.