2025 Cupra Born VZ

Feb 13, 2024

Cupra Born VZ 1

Cupra is a vehicle manufacturer that is both synonymous with performance and style and is most famously known for being the performance division of the popular Spanish car manufacturer, SEAT. Upon their decision to branch out and become their own manufacturer, Cupra has produced some breathtaking vehicles that have taken the market by surprise, however, in their time so far they had not yet shown plans or produced an all-electric model. That is until 2024 when they have just announced the Cupra Born. The Born is the first all-electric model from the brand and is the perfect match between electrification and performance. It also has a more exciting variant called the Cupra Born VZ which will be a more powerful version hailing from the beautiful streets of Barcelona.

If you were wondering what the ‘VZ’ stands for, it means Veloz which is the Spanish word for ‘fast’ and this is further showcased by the VZ being able to deliver an incredible 240kW of power and 545Nm of torque through its powerful lithium-ion batteries. The Vehicle has also built upon its predecessor through improved suspension, sports-tuned steering, and an improved braking system, meaning that you can tackle the roads faster and with higher safety. These aspects combine to give the Cupra VZ the ultimate performance in the CUPRA Born line-up making it one of their most dynamic vehicles up to date.
Wayne Griffiths, CEO of CUPRA said “The CUPRA Born was a milestone for the brand when we launched the model in 2021 as our first 100% electric vehicle. And it’s delivered exceptionally, with 45,300 units sold last year, an increase of 44.4% compared to the year before. “With the CUPRA Born VZ, we will bring even more performance to this model, proving once again that electrification and performance are a perfect match.”

Cupra Born VZ 2

The CUPRA Born VZ takes the advanced powertrain technology of the CUPRA Born and turns the dial up: the all-electric system now delivers 240kW of power – a 40% increase over the e-Boost version. Torque is also upped to a staggering 545Nm – 75% more than any other Born version. It means the CUPRA Born VZ can reach 100km/h from a standing start in just 5.7 seconds – one second faster than the e-Boost version. Top speed is also increased and now limited to 200km/h – 40km/h more than the e-Boost version.
The interior of the vehicle has notably undergone some exciting changes. The standard high-set seats have been replaced with new bucket seats which are featured in the Formentor. They are made from unique leather coupled with Dynamic upholstery. The cabin is illuminated through full-width LED lighting which not only works as calm ambient lighting but also acts as a warning light for potential hazards. This idea is a game-changer when it comes to driver safety. In terms of infotainment, the VZ sports a large touchscreen that provides access to music, calls, and safety systems and can connect with both Apple CarPlay and Android Auto.