A Brief Introduction to the VAG Group

The Volkswagen-Audi Group is a multi-national German automotive manufacturer that has provided vehicles, machinery, commercial vehicles and more, for over 80 years! They were founded way back in 1937 in Berlin, just before the beginning of the Second World War. They provided vehicles for the German citizens, hence the name Volkswagen – meaning ‘the people’s car’ in the German language.

Since then, they have increased in popularity and capital which has allowed them to take over a multitude of other well-known manufacturers and incorporated them into what we now know as the “VAG Group”. These manufacturers/subsidiaries consist of the likes of Skoda, Bugatti, Bentley, Lamborghini, Seat, and others, which we have listed below.

What The Volkswagen Group Stands For?

The Volkswagen Group are pioneers of the automotive industry and have proved to be class-leading in terms of technological advancement, performance, and professionalism.

Volkswagen has stated ‘We act with integrity and build on reliability, quality, and passion as the foundation of our work’, which is a statement that applies to every single vehicle they have put on the road worldwide. VAG Group’s mission statement provides insight as to where they lay their interest – in the customer.

Proud To Be VAG Approved (How Long) 

We are proud to say we have been an approved VAG supplier for approx. 20 years & wholeheartedly support their ethos in providing a reliable, efficient, quality-driven service.

What We Do For The VAG Group

Caltec ATC Ltd has calibrated tools & inspected Loler equipment at main dealer sites & franchises of the VAG Group for many years.  In addition, we calibrate the VAS 6356 + 6558 test modules at their training centres.   We have invested heavily in test equipment; for example, we have several VAS diagnostic units & High Voltage Multi-function calibrators. All VAG personnel work to the highest standards & we are committed to supporting them.


Below are all of the subsidiaries of the Volkswagen Audi Group: 


Audi AG is a German luxury car manufacturer with headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. The company was founded over 100 years ago in 1909 and a few years later, merged with 3 other companies to create the Auto Union – where the ‘four rings’ brand was also created.


Bentley Motors Ltd is a luxury British vehicle manufacturer with headquarters in Crewe, Cheshire.  Founded in 1919, their vehicles are known for their elite performance and luxury. Some of their notable vehicles such as the Bentley Bentayga, Flying Spur, and Continental GT demonstrate their elite craftsmanship too.


Like Bentley, Bugatti is also a luxury car manufacturer, however, differs in that they were founded on the other side of the English Channel in France (1909). Bugatti vehicles are known for their incredibly high performance and are a manufacturer of interest for both celebrities and the “elite”.


If you’ve ever seen any kind of Lamborghini, you should count yourself lucky. The Italian luxury car manufacturer is known to boast some of the most beautiful vehicles in the world, with the likes of the Lamborghini Aventador and the Urus. The company was founded by Feruccio Lamborghini in 1963 in Sant’Agata Bolognese.


Porsche is a sports car manufacturer based in Stuttgart, Germany & founded in 1931 by Ferdinand Porsche. The brand is incredibly unique in that they were actually the first company to create a hybrid vehicle (was never revealed and distributed to the public), whilst also boasting their large array of high-end performance sports vehicles used on racetracks.


Volkswagen is one of the most popular car manufacturers in the world. Their vehicles are known to be incredibly reliable, well designed, and are great value for money. The brand in notorious due to the fact that it was founded by the German Labour Front and Ferdinand Porsche in Germany, 1937 and encouraged by infamous Nazi leader, Adolf Hitler, to accommodate the German people prior to the war.


Whilst Spain isn’t particularly known for its expertise in automobiles, they pulled it out of the bag with popular car manufacturer, SEAT. The company was founded in

Martorell, Spain (1950) and quickly became incredibly popular throughout the whole of the country. The manufacturer is iconic in that each one of their vehicles is named after a city or region in Spain: Leon, Ibiza, Tarraco…


Skoda is one of the oldest manufacturers in the world, being founded way back in Czechia (Now Czech Republic) in 1895. Their vehicles are known to be reliable, well-built, affordable, and are now distributed throughout the world. In 2000 Skoda became a wholly-owned subsidiary through the VAG Group.


Ducati is a motorcycle company founded in 1926 in Bologna, Italy, and owned by German luxury car manufacturer, Audi. Interestingly, Ducati initially created razors, cameras, and radios amongst other devices, until they decided to aim their focus back towards Motorcycles.


Scania, is a mult-national Swedish truck company founded in 1911. They specialise in heavy trucks, lorries, and buses which are all used throughout the world to move freight and other large components.


MAN is a VAG subsidiary based in Munich, Germany, and founded in 1898. The company specialises in commercial trucks and heavy vehicles as well as marine engineering and turbomachinery.

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