World Cancer Day: a reminder of the risks to lungs from work activities

Feb 3, 2023

Saturday 4 February marks World Cancer Day, the international awareness day to help educate and work together to reduce preventable cancer deaths.

Each year, it is estimated that 12,000 people die from work-related lung diseases linked to exposure during their working lives, including lung cancer.

If you work with certain dusts, gases, fumes and vapours in the workplace, it’s important that you understand the risks and protect workers’ health by using effective control measures. Employers have a legal responsibility to protect their workers from ill health.

by using:

  • alternative processes
  • less hazardous materials
  • enclosures/effective ventilation (see link below)
  • protective equipment  – as a last resort

The important thing is to keep workplace air clean.

Read the following PDF for more information:

INDG408(rev1) – Clear the air: A simple guide to buying and using local exhaust ventilation (LEV) (