What are MOT audits and quality checks?

Feb 6, 2020

What are MOT audits and quality checks?

 If you run an MOT centre then you are responsible for making sure that your MOT tests meet the standards set out by the DVSA which include putting management systems in place to run your business, check and assess MOT standards using policies and quality checks, managing and providing regular training for MOT testers, maintaining and monitoring premises and equipment and understanding you MOT centre’s risk rating. There are penalties for failing to meet the required standards.

Caltec carries out open or incognito checks of MOT inspection processes and administrative functions to ensure procedures are being followed in order to minimise the risk of penalties resulting from spot checks carried out by the Ministry of Transport.

Findings are presented and reports provided to staff on site. For group and/or repeat visit programmes we provide analysis of the results on an ongoing basis in the form of a spreadsheet identifying faults found, trends, observations and recommendations.



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